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Six Degrees Could Change the World

By Jaegeru Oct 15, 2014 382 Words
Name: Joshua Bastian D. Magno Date: September 16, 2014 Grade & Section: Grade 9 St. Peter of Verona Score: Six Degrees Could Change The World

Global warming is rapidly increasing every day. It isn’t out of control, but it could soon be. Warnings signs are all around us, Floods, Typhoons, Tornadoes, and Earthquakes. These are all challenges of Global Warming. Imagine if Global Warming accelerates, where would the next catastrophes hit? Scientists around the world agree that we live in a world warmer by almost one full degree. Tracking the vital signs of earth is an armada, from seas, land, and even satellites in outer space.

In Australia, forest fires are a natural phenomenon. Making Australia the continent with the worst drought. Even a six degree shift in temperature can result into a very catastrophic event. If the world is warmer by one degree, hurricanes will begin to hit the South Atlantic. If temperature increases by two degrees, the Pacific islands will be underwater due to the increasing level of water. Polar bears will have a hard time looking for a place to live because icebergs will be melting more and more every day as the temperature increases.

At three degrees, Icecaps at the Alps will be gone. The Mediterranean and parts of Europe will wither in searing summer heat. When it reaches four degrees, Bangladesh will disappear, Venice will be submerged, and glaciers will collapse shutting off the flow of fresh water. In 5 degrees, L.A. and other rich countries will be drying out. If the world warms at six degrees, Deserts will be marching across continents like conquering armies, Natural Disasters become common phenomenon, and some of the world’s greatest cities are flooded and abandoned.

Six degrees of increase in Earth’s temperature is considered as the Dooms Day Scenario. Our lives would never be the same again. But scientists say that we can still awaken from the nightmare. Currently, the temperature has only risen by .08 degrees Celsius. But we don’t have much time. Climate change is a problem we don’t need to have and it’s cheaper not to. Solutions start with efficiency, reducing the use of energy that uses Co2 emissions. In my opinion we should start looking for alternative sources for energy such as Wind Power, and Thermal Power.

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