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The Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) programme was design to enable student to have a more experience or practical knowledge on their field of study. It also provides an avenue for students in Nigerian universities and polytechnics to acquire an industrial skills and experiences in their different fields of studies. It helps the student to apply their theoretical knowledge learnt in the class and appreciate what they learnt. In faculty of agriculture, the program is conducted at level three in preparation of practical year. The first SIWES, last for three months at the end of level three and the second, SIWES 2 lasts for six months during the first and second semester of level four. The program is sponsored by the industrial training fund (E.T.F). The student make report, this report covers all the major activities carried out in between the stipulated period of time. I started my SIWES on February 2011 to June 2011, at the KADUNA STATE AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT PROJECT (KADP) Birnin-Gwari Zone, Barnawa Kaduna State Nigeria.


Students industrial work experience scheme (SIWES) is one of the requirements for obtaining a degree in faculty of agriculture in Nigeria, as formulated by the NUC. The three months programme, give the student a chance to participate in various organization, farms, research institute etc. of their choice in the field of agriculture.

The program was initially introduced by the Industrial Training Fund (I.T.F.) which was established under Decree 47 of 1972 by the Supreme Military Council, headed by General Yakubu Gowon. The Decree was billed to take effect from 31st March, 1974 and had as its core objective, the gradual reduction of the percentage of foreign participation in most of Nigeria’s economic activities, accompanied by a systematic integration of locally oriented skilled manpower into the vast economic sector. To actualize this, the Federal Government embarked upon a major industrialization process involving the construction of oil refineries, iron and steel industries and textile plants.


1. It exposes students to employment opportunities.
2. It exposes students to equipment and tools that may not be available in educational institutions. 3. It prepares students for business careers/opportunities by merging their analytical powers with self-reliance. 4. It provides an avenue for students in Nigerian universities and polytechnics to acquire an industrial skills and experiences in their different fields of studies. 5. Exposes and prepares students in engineering technology and related courses for the industrial working situation they are likely to meet after graduation. 6. The gap between the theoretical learning and practical industrial work life situation and working experience. 7. Make the transform from the university to the field of work easier and this enhance students contest for later job placement after graduation.


Kaduna State Agricultural Development Project, an off shoot of Funtua Agricultural Development, which was established in 1975, came into being at the moment as a result of the bifurcation of Kaduna State and Katsina in 1987. The ADP has its headquarters at No. 11 Race Course Road, Opposite Murtala Square, Kaduna with four (4) Zonal Offices at Maigana (Tudun Saibu), Samaru Kataf, B/Gwari and Lere (Sabon Birnin Saminaka). Administratively, the Programme Manager is the chief Executive Officer of the Organization, while each of the four (4) Zones is headed by a Zonal Manager.

The Kaduna ADP covers the entire state which occupies 7% of the land area of Nigeria with a surface area of approximately 67,000km2 of which 20,220km2 is arable. The state is situated in the North West geo political zone of the country, about 200km away from the federal capital, Abuja. It is located between...
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