SIWES Project in Computer Science

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SIWES Project in Computer Science


1.1 Overview of SIWES

SIWES refers to the employment of students nearing under-graduation in firms or organizations, which operate on activities related to the respective student’s major subjects.

The course, CSC 3299 as offered in Ajayi Crowther University is a compulsory subject offered by every computer science student in the 2nd semester of the third academic year with the objective of enabling students to come into contact with real life applications regarding the knowledge and skills gained in both theoretical and practical courses of the university.

The core courses of Computer Science offered by ACU are both theory and laboratory practical -based and aid in providing a theoretical concept or ‘base’ to the students so that they are equipped with sufficient knowledge for joining the work force after completion of under-graduation. SIWES on the other hand helps the students familiarize themselves with the experience of being employed in their field and effectively learning and applying the knowledge required by carrying out their activities in the offices and fields.

1.2 Objectives of SIWES

The general objectives if SIWES are outlined as follows:

Helping students break free from the theoretical world of ****books and class courses and leap into the real world of applications of knowledge.

Enabling the students to effectively interact in a work environment within a hierarchy of employees. The efficiency in working in groups and under higher authorities is tested during this course.

Helping students to express dependability, initiative, resourcefulness and professionalism in the tasks they are assigned.

To evaluate the person’s ability to communicate and operate under pressure, if required.

To help students enhance their creativity and efficiency in dealing with projects related to their field of study.

To enable students to pick up skills from the experience and projects of other employees to apply in their own tasks.

To enable the student realize their relative strength in a field with many practical applications and help students come out with final year projects that model real life industry challenges.

2.0 Origin of the Report

This report has been prepared as a requirement of the internship program. The report was based upon the ICT department of the organization Nigerian civil aviation authority (NCAA).


Brief :
Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority is the regulatory body for aviation in Nigeria. It became autonomous with the passing into law of the Civil Aviation Act 2006 by the National Assembly and assent of the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Act not only empowers the Authority to regulate Aviation Safety without political interference, but also to carry out Oversight functions of Airports, Airspace, Meteorological Services, etc as well as economic regulations of the industry.

Nigeria has just successfully passed through the ICAO Security follow-up Audit of May 2006 and the ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit in November 2006. Nigeria is now preparing for the American FAA IASA Category 1 Certification.

With over 25 Airports, 30 Airlines, 590 Pilots, 19 Flight Engineers, 258 Air Traffic Controllers(ATC), 677 Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, 1103 Cabin Crew and 4 Aircraft Dispatchers, Nigeria now boasts of improved aviation infrastructural facilities at the Airports, state of the art navigational aids, modern weather forecasting equipment and highly skilled manpower to ensure safety and comfort of the flying public. Airlines have started bringing in brand new aircraft to the industry 737-700 new generation, Regional Jet CRJ 400/900, Dash 8-400Q, Business Jet/Turboprop, Helicopters, B777, Dreamliner B787, Jumbo Jet Boeing 747-400 series as well as brand new Regional Jet Embraer.

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