Situational Analysis

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Bacon’s Bakery is a small gourmet bakery located in Hampton Coliseum neighborhood. The name Bacon’s Bakery is well suited for our business because it is the family name of the owner. Therefore, the name Bacon’s Bakery implies that we are a small business specializing in the production of desserts ranging from candies to wedding cakes. Different from other bakeries in the area, Bacon’s Bakery provides a unique experience, allowing customers to create their own dessert from the bottom up. Despite the abundance of bakeries in Virginia, at no other bakery in the city can a customer walk in off of the street and minutes later leave with a completely personalized dessert. Bacon’s Bakery is situated in a thickly settled and well-traversed section of Hampton. Walking distance from the Coliseum, and a mile away from shopping mall Bacon’s Bakery has the opportunity to cater to thousands of pedestrians each day. At peak hours, many of the Coliseum ticketholders will pass the bakery potentially contributing to our business. Our competitors, despite having amassed greater name recognition than Bacon’s Bakery do not experience the high levels of foot traffic that our location allows. Bacon’s Bakery is dedicated to giving back to the community that we service. Donating to Unitedway, Bacon’s Bakery feels that it is important to give back to those less fortunate and donates portions of our profits to the Children’s Hospital. To ensure that none of our product goes to waste; expired and non-conforming products will be donated to the Hampton Food Bank. Strengths:

Very personal
Fresh product
Interactive and fun
Customer is “in control”
Marketable to large demographic
Unique idea
Socially responsible
Very accessible location
Labor intensive
Long hours
Lots of food competition in the surrounding areas
Must have a significant number of employees who all need pay Wasted product each day
Food prices on the rise
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