Situational Analysis

Topics: Health care, Patient, Organizational studies Pages: 4 (1376 words) Published: September 24, 2013

Case Study 19-1 titled “Organizational and Cultural Change for Providing Safe Patient Care”, on page 382 through 383, is about a Department of Medicine (DoM) in an urban academic medical center where in the past 2 years there has been cases where patients had needlessly suffered serious harm. Even though the cases were far and in betweeen, and most of the employees were comfortable with the status quo however, “the chairperson’s view of patient care safety meant that there was no place for such incidents.” Incidentally, the patient safety incidences occurred inspite of the fact that the medical center had three department meant to address patient safety. Given that the DoM was responsible for making decision in the patient care process, the chairperson felt the responsibility of addressing the issues more directly. The chairperson solution was to create a committee of “change agents” pulled from various departments at the medical center, and tasked with examining “lapses and problems in the delivery of safe patient care and identify trends and clusters that merited action”. The following knowledge concepts, though covered in class, are not applicable to the selected case study: Intercultural perspectives, Practices of Effective Behavior across cultures – Individual and Group, Multicultural teams, Gender and Equality. In this paper, I will be interpreting and applying the following concepts to Case Study 19-1: Human Behavior and Social Relationships, Intercultural Perspectives, Organizational Behavior Theories, Power, Influence, Trust, Cultural Synergy. The case study did not address gender and quality in my opinion. According to Borkowski, “social perception is how an individual sees others and how others perceive an individual” (P. 55). Also, according to Edgar Schein, “If an organization is to understand its own strengths and weaknesses, and if it is to make informed strategic choices based on realistic assessments of external and internal...

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