Situational Analysis

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The background of the company
A. History B. How it started C. The mission and vision of the company 2.What is the present state of your busines? 3. What products do you offer and who are your target market? 4. What are the your strategies to help promote your products? 5. What are the challenges that your company is facing? 6. How do you handle your competitors?

7. What are your strength and weaknesses as a jewelry company? 8. How many branches do you have? And how do you choose your location? 9. Any other information you want to add about the company? ( like about your suppliers, customers, price, and etc)

There is a new hangout place in town, one that will make artists and creative geniuses very pleased. Because Cebu has limited venues for artists to meet, fine arts graduate Rachel Arandilla, with the help of her dad and his close friend, opened Sprockets Café in April 2012. Located in J Block Building along Apitong Street corner Escario Street, Sprockets Café is a homey shop selling various coffee and milk tea concoctions, meals and desserts. With an initial investment of Php1.5 million, the shop was visualized “to become a creative hub for artists, photographers, writers, imaginative young people, innovative young professionals and entrepreneurs, a third venue to chill and unwind.” The colorful walls and indie music in the air will certainly stimulate one’s creative juices. The place used to be a Japanese restaurant and was redesigned to become what the owner calls an “alternative café.” Apart from allowing artists, writers, photographers, and other creative individuals to relax, hang out, and discuss, the shop has a unique space called the “Sprock-outs.” This...
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