Situational Analysis

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Product management Pages: 7 (1714 words) Published: April 12, 2013

Lecturer: Siva Muthaly
Date due: 25th August 2012
Course: MKTG1276 Marketing
Student: Wayne Salerno (9910454H)

Lecturer: Siva Muthaly
Date due: 25th August 2012
Course: MKTG1276 Marketing
Student: Wayne Salerno (9910454H)
Situational Analysis
Situational Analysis

1Strategic Business Unit Focus - Managed Services (M-Serv)2
2External Environment3
2.2Competitive Environment3
2.3Economic Environment3
2.4Demographic Environment3
2.5Social and Culture Environment3
2.6Political and Legal Environment4
2.7Technological Environment4
3Internal Environment4
3.7Physical Evidence6

1 Strategic Business Unit Focus - Managed Services (M-Serv) Generation-e provides Managed Services with strict Service Levels providing complete transparency that reduces capital and recurrent costs, while at the same time providing superior managed services. Certain technologies can quickly monopolise your time and resources as technologies require specific skill sets and expertise that is not always easy to come by. Figure 1 illustrates the BCG matrix for the professional services that Generation-e provides.

Figure 1 - BCG Matrix

2 External Environment
Managed Services is delivered to Business, Non-profit and Government markets. Government market most highly valued and profitable. E.g. Health (MSPMentor, 2012). Competitive Environment
100’s of Providers providing Managed Services to Business, Non-profit and Government markets Managed Service is primarily measured on reliability, responsiveness, competence, communication and credibility (Computer Weekly, 2012). Three different types of outsourcing models available in the market place. The three types are Governance Based Model, Pricing Based Model and Project Based Model (Enzine, 2012). Economic Environment

Managed services market remains healthy. Managed Services companies have generated approx. $1.04 billion in combined annual recurring revenue for 2011 (MSPMentor, 2012). When economy experiences recession period, markets increase the demand of Managed services to drive costs down Demographic Environment

Small business working to low margins regard managed services as of low strategic importance to their business (B2B International, 2012). Medium-sized or large businesses that work to high margins regard the managed service as of high strategic importance (B2B International, 2012). Service-focused businesses, which have high requirements in terms of product quality and range, but also in terms of aftersales and delivery, regard managed services as critical (B2B International, 2012). Social and Culture Environment

Partnership-focused businesses, usually consisting of key accounts, which seeks trust and reliability and regards the managed services supplier as a strategic partner (B2B International, 2012). Buying behaviour being made by C Level executives of organisations with focus on lowering costs, reducing hidden costs, increasing staff productivity, greater IT costs predictability and stronger alignment of IT with business goals (Partners International, 2012). Political and Legal Environment

Policies that are approved by the Government for Education or Health sectors. E.g. Financial incentive provided to GP’s and medical specialist to implement Video conferencing Managed Services contractual obligations. E.g. Financial refunds if SLA’s are not met. *

Technological Environment
Microsoft and Google cloud platforms offer a low barrier all markets Managed Services providers leveraging social media technology to push brand awareness (MSPmentor, 2012). Managed Services providers in the Small business market use remote monitoring and management and IT automation software (MSPMentor, 2012). Managed Services providers use professional services...
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