Situation in North Korea

Topics: North Korea, Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Nuclear proliferation Pages: 4 (1417 words) Published: June 9, 2013
Security Council (SC)
Topic 1: The North - South Korea Conflict The Situation in North Korea Introduction:
The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), commonly called North Korea, is widely considered a threat to stability in Asia. The government has openly admitted to selling missile technology in defiance of international law and pursuing nuclear, biological and chemical weapons programs. In 2006, North Korea tested a small nuclear weapon, showing its status as a nuclear power, and straining its already bad diplomatic relationship with the rest of the world. The international community believes that North Korea’s nuclear weapons are a danger to Asia and the rest of the world. North Korea insists the weapons are intended for defense only. How the international community responds to the government of North Korea will impact the security of the region and the world. Since 1990, North Korea has been very dependant on international aid for food, since its own economy, as well as its agriculture industry, is very weak. However, this has not stopped the government’s attempts to try and purchase nuclear technology from other countries. North Korea’s weapons programs have continued in earnest. In spite of a decade of international attempts to negotiate with North Korea to prevent it from proliferating ballistic missiles, North Korea admitted in 1998 to selling missiles to countries considered unstable by the international community. Experts suspect buyers include Iran and Syria. In 2002, United States President George W. Bush listed North Korea as a member of “the axis of evil,” a group of nations accused of supporting terrorist activities. Many nations including the United States, label North Korea a “criminal regime” or a “terrorist state,” and refuse to maintain diplomatic relations with them. Other countries, such as China and Russia maintain diplomatic ties with the country. South Korea, considered most directly at risk from attack by North Korea, is also...

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