Situation in crimea

Topics: United States, NATO, Russia Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: April 23, 2014
The formal basis of the relations is the 1997 charter on a distinctive partnership that established the NATO Ukraine commission or (NUC). Successive governments reinforced the political dialogue and practical cooperation between NATO and Ukraine. NATO supports a range of initiatives in Ukraine, while Ukraine contributes to NATO’s missions in Afghanistan and Kosovo. The Problem that complicates the deal is that Russia provides almost a quarter of Europe’s natural gas which just so happens to run through Ukrainian pipelines, which they’ve had problems with before. (NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

Russia has finally done it and annexed, or overthrown, Crimea and claimed it as its own. Russia feels like it has rights to Crimea because of the gas-lines running through the Ukraine, and early disputes between them that left the Ukraine owing Russia. I think the world has done little to curb Russia’s takeover of Crimea because there will most likely be resistance, and the tension is so high you could cut it with a polished rock.

So far the United states has done little to discourage Russian takeover of Crimea, besides announcing new sanctions against Moscow, that were retaliated. The United States next move would probably be to try and compromise within the two countries and try our best to avoid the coming of World War 3. The United States should be involved because there had been thoughts to believe that Russia is trying to regroup and recreate the USSR, and of course further escalation should be expected because that’s like saying a cat is going catch a mouse with no noise being made. In Conclusion the only advice I have for President Barack Obama is try your best to keep the world at peace because if you think your job was hard already wait until Russia becomes a problem again.

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