Situation Analysis/Target Market Identification Report and Collage

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Curtin College Ms. Desiree Jones Trimester 2, 2011

Situation Analysis/ Target Market Identification


1.0 Situation Analysis/ Current marketing Mix 1.1 Current Product


rnott‟s Tiny Teddy is a brand of sweet biscuits which has children aged between 3 – 7 years old as a primary focus market (Ryan 2002). Each biscuit is small in size and formed as a tiny bear which kids find “cute”. The benefits of buying such a

product are that it has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives (Arnott‟s 2009). Plus, it has been proved that in a recommended serve of 13 biscuits, there is only less than a teaspoon of fat and less than 2 teaspoon of sugar. Being a kid‟s snack, tiny teddy was supposed not to be sold at the school canteen, but since it meets the “Amber” school canteen guidelines, this product is allowed to be sold without no restrictions as it does not spoil the health of kids promptly (Choice Food For Kids 2007). As being a snack or a party time good, Arnott‟s Tiny Teddy should be convenient to buy. It should be easily found on the shelves of a store as consumers will buy it on impulse or on special occasions. The package of the product is very colourful with features such as leaves, mushrooms, bees, ladybirds, 3 teddy bears – where each one represents a flavour; honey, choc chips and chocolate (Arnott‟s 2009). Individual flavoured biscuits are also available if one does not want to buy the variety bag. In one big bag of Tiny Teddy there are 10 little packs of cookies. It depends on the consumer‟s loyalty, if no Tiny Teddy is available at a store. But even though, it seems like parents of kids are very loyal in buying Arnott‟s Tiny Teddy instead of other brands as they know the health factors that Arnott‟s take in consideration in manufacturing the Tiny Teddy. The packaging of the product varies on the quantity and other models available. Some are made of boxes and others of plastic (Arnott‟s 2009) which makes the product convenient to be disposed as a recycling material. 1.2 Current Pricing


inny Teddy is product that is found in a very competitive market as the Food snack market has evolved since the yester- year of „boiled lolly‟. Consumer needs have changed thus creating an impact on health factors mainly. The price of the product

varies from store to store, which usually falls onto the range of $ (AUD) 3.50-$ (AUD) 5.00 (OfficeMax 2011). Being in a competitive market, an economist will definitely conclude that if the price of Tiny Teddy rises then the consumer demand of this product will decrease. But, 3


there are other factors that can affect the demand of this particular good, and such are consumer loyalty, convenience of purchase and quality of the product. Actually the price of Arnott‟s Tiny Teddy is between $ 3.00- $ 5.00 (AUD) which slightly matches the price of its competitors such as the Cadbury snack sandwich and Cadbury picnic chocolate bars (Great Aussie Food 2011). It all relies on the consumer‟s willingness to pay that a purchase decision will be made. The purchase decision process of each buyer varies, thus some consumers will buy it on the basis of the price and others on the basis of quality offered, image and features. According to a research carried by the Campbell Arnott‟s Asia Pacific Division showed that the Arnott‟s Brand, which includes Tim Tam, Sao and Tiny Teddy, has more than 60% of the Australian Biscuit market and occupies more than 95% of the Australian Household and is currently the number one Australian biscuit manufacturer (Campbell Arnott‟s APC Action Plan 2010). Thus, this concludes that consumers do not buy that particular brand or its product, such as the Tiny Teddy for this situation, on the basis of price but of quality, features and company image. 1.3 Current Distribution Being a...
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