Situation Analysis of Toyota Australian

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Company analysis
In the period of over fifty years of being in Australia market, Toyota always sticks to its own goal which is ‘uphold our corporate reputation at all times’ and now it has turn into be one of the leading automotive companies in Australia. In order to achieve this goal, Toyota Company also expects all employees, contractors and agents of Toyota Australia to follow some rules. For instance, it not only requires them to be responsible and be honest in word and deed, but also asks them to use good judgment and avoid action that could create a conflict between personal, company and community interests. In addition, Toyota Company always adheres to fulfill its own objective by implementing the mission of Toyota Company that is ‘to deliver outstanding automotive products and services to our customers, and enrich our community, partners and environment’. Moreover, Toyota has grown to be a dominant force in the Australian automobile market with a market share of around 18 percent as at the end of the 2011 calendar year. Toyota Australia kept in the first place for selling 181624 vehicles (excluding Lexus), which is more than any other single brand in the country in 2011. Meanwhile, Toyota satisfies all the diverse needs of customers in different market segments. For example, Toyota Australia introduced various ranges that cover most market sectors from family sedans to sport cars, four-wheel drives to luxury vehicles and small hatches to small buses. There are over 800 employees working in Toyota Australia’s sales and marketing in areas including Marketing, Franchise Development, Domestic Sales, National Service, Operations and Logistics, Parts and Accessories and Strategic Planning, Export and Distribution.

Market analysis
The automotive industry has been of strategic importance to the economy in Australia. Many elements of macro economy such as growth, employment and technological progress are impacted strongly by the automotive industry. For...
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