Site Visit

Topics: Behaviorism, Patient, Clinical trial Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: January 17, 2012
Site Visit
Trisa Pederson
December 21, 2011
Linda N. Latham MFT

Site Visit and Interview
Human service agencies provide a remarkably unique approach in assisting the community. Each field provides a number of services that meet the need of the individual. These needs provide a vast knowledge of preventive measures met through an array of responsibilities in the medical setting. The responsibilities typically used can include addressing the individuals’ problems, trauma counseling, daily living, and mental health issues (Martin, 2007, pp. 1-13). The organization the interviewer chose to conduct the interview with is Casa Colina Hospital. Casa Colina is a nonprofit acute rehabilitation hospital accredited by the Joint Commission (Casa Colina Center for Rehabilitation, 2011). The hospital provides services to individuals with brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, stroke, orthopedic conditions, respiratory disorders, multiple trauma, neurological diseases, wounds, and burns (Casa Colina Center for Rehabilitation, 2011). These types of injuries are usually severe enough to cause individuals to live in a facility that provides rehabilitation for the physically and mentally disabled. The use of a transitional living center help individuals’ transition out of the facility and back into a standard living environment (Casa Colina Center for Rehabilitation, 2011). Each living center provides the comfort of home from a living room to home-style kitchen. In some of the more severe cases Casa Colina also provides special care in a safe environment for patients whose rehabilitation does not succeed into standard living (Casa Colina Center for Rehabilitation, 2011). The interviewer conducted the interview with Emily R. Rosario, PhD. Director of Casa Colina Hospital Research Institute. She decided with her busy schedule to conduct the interview through E-mail. Emily Rosario, PhD was happy to assist in answering the six questions the...
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