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Topics: Peshawar, Temperature, Humidity Pages: 6 (1386 words) Published: August 28, 2013

1. If we look the map of Peshawar we came to know that railway station, airport and other five hotels are within 30 minutes drive from the site, so the site is feasible on macro level. 2. There are two types of architectural styles in Peshawar. The architecture towards the main city is very detailed and classical while towards the new localities we observe modern structures of concrete. Since our site is located in the new locality of modern structures so the architectural style should be modern using concrete with brick to create harmony in the architecture of the surrounding.


1. The site is located at the travel distance of 20-30 minutes from all parts of the city. 2. The site is accessible easily from the upcoming airport and the people coming from the old Peshawar city. 3. Travel distance from the airport is 30 minutes.

4. The site is on the jamrud road and is in the middle of hayatabad and the 5. The area is very peaceful and noise free.
6. The area is far away from the pollution.
7. The area is easily accessible from the city centre as public vans and busses travel through this road while going to hayatabad. All the major schools and universities are constructed in this colony so it adds up to the importance of this site. 8. The site is not an agricultural land so there is no waste of any agricultural land. The project will help in making the site greener and environment friendly. 9. The site is near the Peshawar University which will definitely help the facility to active in non event days.


Pitches and play fields will be oriented along the east west axis so that the players have to face south or north side most of the time during the play. The main façade of the cricket stadium will be designed in such a way to attract masses from the road and acts as a landmark of the site. Shopping area will be kept closer to the jamrud road so that it is clearly visible from outside the site and can attract people who are interested in this shopping activity. The open theatre will act as the major activity area in the non event days and help the market to be open in non activity days. The site will help the people from hayatabad and other colonies to interact.


1. The site is located along the route of Khyber safari steam, so the site has a big potential as a stop for the people travelling in safari steam. 2. Many new housing schemes like Reggie Township are going to be constructed in future and the people of that area can benefit a lot from different activities in the project. 3. It can be used as an interactive space between the residents of Reggie Township and hayatabad housing society located just opposite to the site.


1. The outdoor pitches should be oriented towards north-west to avoid evening sun coming into the eyes of the players. 2. The covered building should be covered north-south.
3. Most of the outdoor activities should be placed towards the main Khyber road. 4. The area near to the bus stop should be large enough and at a distance from the road or parking so that people coming through public transport have a soothing effect. 5. Many exits should be given.

6. Towards the east is the commercial area and west and north is the residential area so private areas should be towards the west and building and parking should be placed towards the east.

As the direction of the wind changes in different months of the year, it is important to study the wind direction especially in humid months, in order to design accordingly and bring into the building as much air circulation as possible by providing windows in the direction of the wind flow. The statistical analysis shows the wind direction throughout the year in Peshawar. A comprehensive study was carried out by the Peshawar...
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