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To me, new member education means learning about the history and traditions of our sorority. Although sometimes the process can be really tough we lean on our sisters. None of us could do this alone. I am so proud of us and how far we have gotten. Through out these last couple weeks, we have shared many tears, laughs, conversations, and secrets leading to friendships that I hope will last for life.

When I was younger I wanted a little sister more than anything, instead I got stuck with two brothers. I came to college having no sisters, when I complete my freshman year I’ll have 31. Joining Kappas has been one of the most positive of my college experiences so far. A lot of people don’t realize that there is more to being in a sorority than going to mixers, funny looking letters on a sweatshirt, and going to homecoming events. Being a Kappa means you are never alone, you always have a sister to lean on. “When your letters are in front of you, your sisters are behind you”. I know that I could call anyone of my sisters for help they will be there for me in an instant no matter if its problem with school, friends, life, or even because I ran out of easy mac at 3 and I need a ride to Walmart. From day one my sisters have been there for me, in the future I hope that I can be there for my sisters just as they have been there to help me. This sorority is like my family away from home. Although we are not sisters by blood, we are just as close, if not closer. We are not perfect though we fight and there is drama and cattiness sometimes but we try to get past it quickly. We have shared tears, laughs, and secrets that have lead to friendships and a sense of sisterhood among us. I love spending time with my sisters and I am not afraid to be myself in front of them. No matter how obnoxious, cranky, or stupid I act or something I say is I know they won’t judge and will accept me and love me for me. If I’m down, my sisters build me up, they give me confidence and...
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