Sister Maude

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In "Sister Maude" poem the narrator seems to be having an affair with her lover, she starts the poem with two similar questions "Who told my mother of my shame?" as the poet was in Victorian times , what she did we would call him a scandal at this time. it seems that she is a bit ashamed in front of her mother knowledge of whatever she did that she didn't mention in the poem , it also shows that her mum is strict and she really care about the family reputation unlike he father that seems to be not really bothered "who told my father of my dear?" which shows that her dad is reliable man , and she answers herself "oh but Maude" which is telling us that her sister is actually the one who told her mother and father about the affair she was having with her lover . She reveals it's her sister. As shown in the poem the narrator seems to hate her sister very much "who lurked with spy and peer" it's a connotations of slyness and jealous. I think it's a really evil relationship between the two sisters. Then she starts to describe the dead body of the lover "cold he lies, as cold as stone" it's a connotations of his death, it's a simile to show her comparison of his corpse to something hard and tough like ice. "C" sound is sharp to give the sense of touch and to show that the corpse is stabled."With his clotted curls" she uses alliteration to give the sign of beauty of his face, she uses alliteration again "comeliest corpse "to tell us that he was a handsome and great guy and that she loved him from her heart that she says here "he was worthy of queen embrace" it's metaphor shows royalty and she worships for his spirit, she also thinks that she is at high standard and she was worthy of him more than her sister. She thinks that she is queen and she is better than her sister. The narrator feels so sorry for the lover death and wishes her sister hadn't killed the lover and suggests her lover didn't find her sister attractive anyway "you might have spared his soul" she loves...
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