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Topics: Leadership, Management, Situational leadership theory Pages: 3 (894 words) Published: September 26, 2014
Analysing the leadership style of richard branson
Just by observing the distance which Richard Branson has gone in the business world it is not difficult to decide him as an exceptional business leader. Here the attempt is to analyze his form of leadership using the major theories leadership. Words usually connected to Branson are creative, fun, anti-establishment, fast, opportunist, adventurer, the risk of Taker, warm, friendly, competitive, workaholic and hard negotiator. Those qualities are according to the trait theories of leadership, main characeristics of a successful leader. Richard Branson has a good leader-member relations and treats his employees respect, like his own family, even to the extent of giving invitations to his junior members for home for parties (Dearlove 2007). He always welcome the feedback and new ideas of the employees. The task structure of the Virgin is usually low since Branson gives his employees the freedom and initiative has to be creative. There are no established procedures, in which, things must be done (Nice, 2007). His organization is working on flat and non-hierachical stucture (NCE 2009), which is made of clusters, and given the flexibility to work independently without much interference (Dearlove 2007).These factors clearly show that his form of leadership is of much more democratic and participative nature. Position power he proves to be dominant thinker, and generally makes decision by himself (even NCE2009). When observing the contingency theory of Fiedler, it is clear that he belongs to intermediate type of leader who is task motivated and socio-independent (Durbin Dalglish Miller, 2006). Branson has strong contingency and situational leadership skills too. He has always looked for and uses every opportunity to create a new company to be viable. He is quite capable of controlling situations and also a high risk taker (Dearlove 2007). This reflcts the most dominat theory of leadership today i.e. situational theories....
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