Sir Robert Peel

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Sir Robert Peel

Christina Buenrostro

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August 5, 2010
Roy Diaz

Sir Robert Peel

Today the world has become a very dangerous place to live. Sometimes you can not even walk to the store without seeing a crime in progress or a crime scene investigation. Children are restricted to their home because of constant danger that goes on in their community. However, communities today have a police department assigned to protect and serve and this includes helping keep crime rates down and society incompliance with the law. Sir Robert Peel is the founder of this structure that we experience today in our communities. Sir Robert peel started his career as home secretary in 1821(Norman, 1986}. While in office he started to establish a system of preventing crimes and also reforming criminals rather then punishing them. Death penalties in minor crimes were basically abolished and criminal laws were made more humane. Robert peel reformed the goal system; he introduced a payment for gaolers and provided education for inmates. The gaol was a jail that housed prisoners. Prison systems also were reformed and went under supervision of the central government. In the early nineteenth century the law enforcement system in London began to collapse. It had grown in to an industrial city with various problems such as poverty, disorder, ethnic conflict and experienced rising crime. Peel fought for many years to establish what we know today as the London Metropolitan Police Act of 1829. Officers were known as the “Bobbies” to honor Sir Robert Peel. The police in London introduced three elements that have become our foundation of American policing they included having a mission, strategy, and organization structure. Before the Metropolitan Police Act of 1829, officers only responded when a crime had already occurred. If a crime had happen the victims would have to seek out patrol officers. The new police mission was to try to prevent crime...

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