Sir Robert Peel

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The History of Police

The History of Police


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The History of Police

The Law enforcement officers and many of their policies are centered on the twelve principles constructed by Sir Robert Peel, and his statement of, “the people are the police, and the police are people” (Johnson, & Wolfe, 2003). Robert Peel perceived that officers did not need to encroach into citizens lives when preventing criminal activity in communities. Peel created the principles that attributed to Community policing for crime prevention like neighborhood watch, and social institution programs for youth (Johnson, & Wolfe, 2003). Community –policing also invests and synchronize in the promotion of processions, problem solving, militia-cultural competency, analysis of problems, alleviations, interconnections, resolutions for conflicts, and initiative identification. Disorder and criminal acts were the primary mission that Peel constructed as part of his principles which are; 1.) The first principle suggests officers need to be trained as military soldiers, for the purpose of staying organized and efficient while patrolling communities. Officers need to interact with outside sources for criminal activity as tips, and never engage in police brutality, but work with the community for a sense of stability. 2.) The second principle suggest officers are directed from government state and federal laws influence, if a witness wants to provide information on a case, the documentation must be noted, whether the officer is in agreement or not with it. 3.) The third principle suggests that if there is no alerting of criminal activities going on in the communities then they don’t proving efficiency of police...

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