Sir Ratan Naval Tata

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Ratan Naval Tata

The Tata family tree
Ratan Naval Tata
Born in Bombay, on 28th December 1937, to Soonoo and Naval Hormusji Tata. He had 5 siblings: Jimmy, Noel, Shireen, Deanna and Geet.
He did his graduation from Cornell with a B.Sc. Degree in architecture with structural engineering in 1962. On 25th March 1991, he took over the position of Chairman of Tata Sons, from Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy, ‘J.R.D. Tata’ (1904-1993).

Close bonds
From childhood, Ratan was uneasy with the ostentatious display of wealth. He prefers simple lifestyle till date! His father Naval was adopted by Lady Navajbai from an orphanage. Ratan’s parents did not get along with each other and were divorced when Ratan was about seven. Brought up by Lady Navajbai, his paternal grandmother at Tata Palace, Bombay. She played a significant role in his life and imbibed in him the importance of dignity, keeping promises and being dependable.

Meanwhile, father Naval married a Swiss, Simone and soon Ratan acquired a step brother, Noel. Mother, Soonoo married Sir Jamsetji Jejeebhoy and had three daughters: Shireen, Deanna and Geet. After graduation, Ratan went to Jamshedpur on his first assignment with Tatas. Six years later he returned to Bombay and stayed with Naval and Simone at Tata Palace but soon moved to Colaba. He had real close bonds only with his mother Soonoo and grandmother Lady Navajbai.

He was a devoted son and would share all his joys and troubles with Soonoo. Ratan was much inclined to stay in the U.S. for furthering his career. However, Lady Navajbai thought differently, so he returned to India. He had an American girlfriend whom he expected to follow him to India, but she apparently never came. In Bombay, he would date on and off, once even got engaged, but broke it before the cards could be printed....
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