Sir Ellis Clarke

Topics: Trinidad and Tobago, San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago, Leadership Pages: 4 (1675 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Topic: What does it mean to have power and how can it be used to both uplift and demise a leader? Date: 20th July 2012

All about Sir. Ellis Clarke.
Sir. Ellis Clarke was indeed a remarkable man who served his country and his fellows in a way that persons, could only speak of his excellent mannerisms and refer to him as a perfect gentleman. Ellis Emmanuel Innocent Clarke, was born in Belmont, on the 28th December 1917. He attended St. Mary’s college, Port-Of-Spain, where he won an island scholarship in the field of Mathematics. He continued pursuing his education at the University of London. Here, his mind was set on serving his emerging nation, because as a teenager, he witnessed the horrors of the Great Depression and the Second World War, which spared neither king nor commoner. After which, he then decided to study law and specialize in constitutional law. He was called to bar at Gray’s Inn London in 1941. He then returned to Port-Of-Spain to start his private practice. He served as Solicitor General from 1954-1956, Deputy Colonial secretary 1956-1957, Attorney General 1957-1962, along with serving in the cabinet as a constitutional advisor. After independence, in 1962 he served as an ambassador to the United States, Canada and Mexico, and a Permanent representative to the United Nations. When Trinidad and Tobago became a Republic in 1976, Clarke was unanimously elected to be the country’s first President, by the President Electoral College. He held this position until he completed his second term in office in 1987. Ellis was awarded a knighthood as a knight Grand Cross of the order in 1962. Although ,he was ceased to use the title “Sir.” After the country became a republic, since retirement from the presidency, he has re-adopted his title and has generally been referred to as “Former President, Sir. Ellis.”

His Leadership Style and its Impact.
Many would agree, Sir. Ellis Shared and empowered those around him. His, was the voice of reason, to calm...
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