Sir Albert James Smith

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Sir Albert James Smith
Birthplace: Born in Shediac, New Brunswick in the county of Westmoreland on March 12, 1822.
Death: Died at age 62 on June 30, 1883 after a lengthy illness at his residence in Dorchester, New Brunswick.
Education: Reared in relative comfort, Albert James Smith attended the Madras school of the Church of England and continued his education at the new Westmoreland county Grammar School. And upon leaving that institution he became a student at law in the office of the late Edward Barron Chandler. Having completed his studies, he was called to the bar of New Brunswick in February, 1847 and settled down to the practice of his profession.

Career: He was successful with juries and gained a large practice. In politics, however, he took a warm interest. He was a Newbrunswick politician and opponent of Canadian Confederation. After establishing himself in the field of law, Smith decided to enter the colony’s (New Brunswick) political scene. Once during Smith’s early political career, when his attack against King’s college—which he described nothing more than an enclave for wealthy sons, proved to animated for government ears. Smith was physically assaulted by John Ambrose Street.
Political position: Smith entered politics in 1842 entering the House of Assembly as an opponent of the Tory compact that ran the colony and became a leading reform and advocate of responsible government which was granted tot eh colony in 1854. Smith became a member of the reform government that took power that year and went on to become Attorney General in 1861 under Premier Samuel Leonard Tilley. Here are all the Political positions held by Sir Albert James Smith is his political careers: Appointed to the Executive Council as Minister without portfolio, 1 Nov.1854- 21 May.1856. Appointed to the Executive Council without portfolio, 1857- 27 Apr.1861. Appointed Attorney General, 27 Apr.1861- 10 Oct.1862. Appointed president of Executive Council, 21 Sept.1865- 14

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