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SingTel Group is Asias leading communications group, providing a diverse range of communication services and solutions, including fixed, mobile, data, Internet, info communications technology, satellite and pay TV. They are listed as the largest company in Singapore Exchange by market capitalization. They are also listed on the Australian Securities Exchange as a result of our acquisition of Optus, the second largest communications provider in Australia on September 2001. In addition, the SingTel Group is a long-term strategic investor in six regional mobile operators in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan and Bangladesh. To serve the needs of multinational corporations, SingTel has a network of 36 offices in 19 countries and territories throughout Asia Pacific, in Europe and the USA. The SingTel Group serves about 383 million mobile customers in 25 countries. In Singapore, SingTel has 130 years of operating experience. SingTel has played an integral part in the development of the country as a major communications hub in the region. Today, SingTel continues to shape the digital media and ICT market in Singapore. Despite full liberalization since 2000, SingTel remains the leading mobile, broadband and fixed line operator and in July 2007 ventured into home entertainment with the launch of mio TV. In September 2010, SingTel launched high-speed fibre services, with distinctive applications focusing on entertainment, convergence and productivity enhancement for home and business users. SingTel is a long term strategic investor. As a strategic investor, they work closely with their affiliates to grow the business, by leveraging their scale in networks, customer reach and extensive operational experience. SingTel’s affiliates benefit not only from the relationship with SingTel. By being part of a larger group, they are able to share experiences and insights from one another. These learning help affiliates as they navigate challenges and take advantage of opportunities in their own markets. In the future, the Group continues to review new investment opportunities in Asia and emerging adjacent markets and will be financially disciplined in its evaluation of new investments. (Sustainability Report, 2010) Purpose of the analysis

As the Asia Pacific‘s best multimedia solution group, SingTel believe that creating and delivering value to customers, employees and shareholders is fundamental to their business. They are making communication easier, faster, more economical and reliable by breaking the barriers of distance, price, time and technology. Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel) has over 130 years of operating experience and has played an integral role in the development of Singapore as a major communications hub in the region. SingTel are doing well to bringing the best-in-class global communications solutions to customers. So, the purpose of this analysis to provides an overview of SingTel’s approach, priorities and performance in the area of sustainability for business operations and how they work with their regional associates. Their policies and programs are covered under four key areas – Marketplace, People, Environment and Community. Moreover, remaining success for many years, SingTel has been competing with many players within specialty market. This paper is to analysis the different factor of Singapore environment affects on the specialty telecommunication industry and competitive environment of SingTel and its core competences in order to win in the market battle 2. Macro - environment analysis

There are many factors in the macro-environment that will affect the decisions of the managers of SingTel. Tax changes, new laws, trade barriers, demographic change and government policy changes are all examples of macro change. The PESTEL model will evolve in Singapore market in order to understand the influences and demands, which will help the company to pursuit of the organization goals and sustain...
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