Single Versus Two Parent Families

Topics: Family, Mother, Father Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: September 1, 2013
There is no doubt that parents are the subordinate of every family. Parents are the figures whom children can always rely on. Basically, a traditional family is consisted of a mother, a father, and (or) children. However, as divorce rates have risen in the United States after the early of 1960s, there is one change in how people define a family. Since the year 1960, people start considering a single parent with children is called a family as well. One clear point that distinguishes single parent families between two parent families is the occurrence of one figure, a father or a mother is absent in single parent families. Therefore, owing on the importance of parents’ in a family; there are several comparisons of single-parent families and two-parent families. One obvious difference is the income in the family. Single parent families, especially single mothers earn lower even insufficient income. They tend to depend on their husbands’ salary. These single mothers often get confused when they get divorced and become single mothers. In contrast, most of two parent families usually have better or higher income. The reason is principally clear that two parent families at least have working fathers who earn money. Moreover, it is commonly found that mothers become career women to help their husband with their family income. Another aspect that differentiates single and two parent families involve issues of parents’ roles. Parents’ roles in two parent families are complete, meaning that there are fathers and mothers as controllers of the families. Inevitable evidence is that mostly sons will be more influenced by their fathers while daughters are controlled more by their mothers. Both roles of each of them are needed to lead and understand either daughters or sons. They must be able to be trustworthy and play certain roles such as being managers and friends. In contrast, there are incomplete roles in single parent families since one of...
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