Single Stimulus Physio Lab 8

Topics: Isometric exercise, Mass, Muscle Pages: 3 (852 words) Published: June 17, 2011
Single Stimulus
Activity 1: Identifying the Latent Period

1. How long is the latent period? 2.78 msec
2. Does the latent period change with different stimulus voltages? no

Activity 2: Identifying the Threshold Voltage

1. What do you see in the Active Force display? Leveled line 2. What is the threshold voltage? .8 V
3. How does the graph generated at the threshold voltage differ from the graphs generated at voltages below the threshold? They were Level

Activity 3: Effect of Increases in Stimulus Intensity

1. How did the increases in voltage affect the peaks in the tracings? In the beginning significantly once the voltage reached 10 the affect was minimal 2. How did the increases in voltage affect the amount of active force generated by the muscle? 0.00 – 1.82 it increased the active force. 3. What is the voltage beyond which there were no further increases in active force? Maximal voltage: 8.5 V 4. Why is there a maximal voltage? What has happened to the muscle at this voltage? 5. An individual muscle fiber follows the all-or-none principle—it will either contract 100% or not at all. Does the muscle we are working with exhibit the all-or-none principle? Why or why not? Yes be

Multiple Stimulus
Activity 4: Treppe

1. What do you observe? The Trace rise and fall, while the force in grams increased.

Activity 5: Summation

1. What is the active force of the contraction? 1.83 gms
2. What is the active force now? 2.77 gms
3. Was there any change in the force generated by the muscle? No 4. Was there any change in the force generated by the muscle? Yes 5. Why has the force changed?
6. Do you see the same pattern of changes in the force generated? No 7. Does the force generated change with each additional stimulus? If so, why?

Activity 6: Tetanus

1. What begins to happen at around 80 msec? The line leveled out 2. What is this condition called? Fatigue
3. How does...
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