Single-Sex Schools

Topics: Education, Single-sex education, Gender Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Single-sex schools should be promoted in Malaysia, do you agree or disagree? Whether high school or college, single-gender schools are generally considered the cream of the crop. Parents believe that if they take their children to all-boys or all-girls schools they will receive a better education that is more targeted toward their child's gender, without the distractions of the opposite sex. There are others on the other hand who believe that students in these types of schools do not necessarily benefit from single-gender education. However within the last ten years, the number of single sex schools has increased rapidly because educators are constantly searching for ways to better educate children. Due to the social problems among teenagers that have a different mind-set than their parents that start dating at the young age, some parents may prefer to send their children to single-sex schools. There are many advantages and disadvantages of single-sex schools that show single-sex schools should be or not to be promoted in Malaysia. Study in single-sex schools makes the students concentrate on what is more important at this age: education. Some educationalist believe that teenagers who study in single-sex schools help to avoid the attractions of opposite sex. The students study in mixed-sex schools, they might be interact with each other, and have relationship with their schoolmates. If they are not carefully, they may get themselves into unplanned pregnancies troubles and problems. Single-sex schools provides a chance to overcome the fear of stereotypes. Girls can study easier in physics, technology, math, and computers subject in the environment because they don't have to compete with the boys, while boys also can participate in some "non-macho" activities, like poetry, dramatics, art history, and music without having worry on their image. This breaking of stereotypes helps to increase the confidence of students studying in single gender educational...
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