Single-Server Queue Simulation in Java

Pages: 4 (786 words) Published: October 4, 2010
Overall Structure of Java Simulation of a Single-Server Queue

Main() program
Start simulation.
call Initialization()
Initialize the model.
main progam
Remove imminent event from FutureEventList.
Advance simulation time to event time.
main program
Call event routine based on event type.
call ProcessArrival()
Execute arrival event.
call ProcessDeparture()
Execute departure event.
call ReportGeneration()
Generate final report.

Title of Project: Single-Server Queue Simulation in Java


Discrete Event is the technique which is used to model the real world scenarios. A discrete-time single server queue with FIFO discipline and general independent service times is studied. Single channel queuing system can be seen in places such as banks, post offices etc, where one single queue will diverge into few counters. The moment a customer leaves the service station, the customer at the head of the queue will go to the server. Single-server queues are, perhaps, the most commonly encountered queuing situation in real life. One encounters a queue with a single server in many situations, including business (e.g. sales clerk), industry (e.g. a production line), and transport (e.g.: a queue that the customer can select from). Consequently, being able to model and analyze a single server queue's behavior is a particularly useful thing to do. The disadvantage of single channel queue is that the queue length seems to be very long, thus it can discourage customers from joining the queue.

Simulation in JAVA:

Java is a general purpose programming language which is widely used programming language that has been used extensively in simulation. Any discrete event simulation model written in Java contains the components like system state, entities and attributes, sets, events, activities and delays. Some of the common components which is used almost in all models are:

* Clock: A variable defining...
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