Single Payer Healthcare

Topics: Universal health care, Health economics, Healthcare reform Pages: 5 (1767 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Single Payer
One of the issues the United States faces today is healthcare. Many Americans are currently without health insurance due to the high cost. Americans have enough with the cost of their daily bills such as food, shelter, and gas. People do not make healthcare a priority because they feel healthy, but the problem arises when an American citizen or family member becomes injured or sick. This would not be an issue if the United States had a single payer healthcare system. A single-payer healthcare system would cover everyone from birth to death without having any out of pocket expenses. The single-payer system is the payment of doctors and hospitals by one administrative fund from the government. It would be a service similar to those that are ran by the government such as police, firemen, military, education assistance, and post office. With this healthcare, Americans would be covered for primary care, specialist care, hospital visits, home care, long-term care, mental, dental, eye care, and many more. The United States should have a single-payer healthcare system to be able to decrease spending for Americans, help the sick, and improve the economy. Having a single-payer healthcare system will help Americans who are currently sick. In “Unhealthy Solutions: Private Insurance, High Costs and the Denial of Care” Steffie Woodhandler interview, she suggests that Americans are suffering from illness and bankruptcy due to cost of health insurance. According to Woolhandler, “people without insurance may not die, but suffer needlessly from a stroke, an amputation or kidney failure, things that could be prevented by good care” (36). The United States should be able to provide excellent healthcare on the same way they provide safety for its citizens. In the article, “A Universal Healthcare System: Is It Right for the United States?” Marleise Rashford reports that uninsured people are using the emergency department for a small illness, he agrees in having a single-payer healthcare system by pointing out countries that have it, and economic savings for the American people. The purpose of the emergency department is for urgent care, not for minor things that could have been prevented with routine screenings. Woolhandler claims that, “A lot of what the insurance companies are doing is trying to avoid the high-cost cases, which means avoiding people who have been sick in the past” (38). This is a problem because the main reason of healthcare insurance is to provide service to the ill, not for it to be a privilege only for the healthy. With a single-payer healthcare system, the sick would always be covered. If the United States adapts a single-payer healthcare system, it will help Americans save money. Americans are not able to save because of the high prices of food, gas, real estate, and many more. Also, a big factor that has affected the ability to save is the high prices of healthcare insurance. In “ Expenditures For Prescription Drugs: Too Much or Not Enough?” Glen T. Schumock and Walton M. Surrey believe that prescription drug prices have gotten expensive because of new medicines that help prevent or cure diseases. Medicines are a requirement for patients, making it impossible not to have even if the prices are too high. In “Health Cost Rising Faster Than Income, Study Says.” Welch M. William observes healthcare price and found out that healthcare cost raised quicker then the average American income. Having healthcare insurance is costing many their paychecks and not allowing them to enjoy things they like to do. Rashford reports that, “The Overcrowding of EDs has become a problem, increasing the cost of health care to the population in general…” (5). These issues have increased healthcare prices, making it impossible to succeed the American dream of owning a house and having a healthy retirement without debt. According to Woolhandler, he “looked at bankruptcy to see what share of all U.S. bankruptcies are due...
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