Single Parents

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Challenges of being a single parent
No milk in the refrigerator! No peanut butter sandwich tonight! Can’t go to the movies this weekend! My thirteen year old son has a problem with everything including chores and I can’t get my 15 year old daughter to come out of her bedroom! As a single parent I can say that there are quite a number of challenges of being a single parent. One challenge that most single parents face is that of being able to support the family financially especially if that person is the sole provider for the family. That one parent would have more financial responsibilities and will have to tighten their budget to accommodate additional expenses that they would have. Some of them even have to change the way they eat, or even cut back on spending for clothes and entertainment in order for the bills to be paid. Some parents will have to work longer hours or even find a second job just to make ends meet. This can also mean that the children who are of school age will be denied certain things that they are accustomed to having. Being in a single parent family can bring some financial burdens to the family. Another challenge that is faced by single parents is that of being able to handle behavioural problems that would require some form of disciplinary action on the part of the child or children. If a child starts to misbehave, it might be hard for that one parent who is the only disciplinarian in the house, to handle that problem on their own. At times the boys would be more aggressive and try to take on a father-like role especially if the parent they are living with is their mother. Some of the girls tend to keep to themselves and are more quiet and reserved. It can be quite difficult for them to adjust in a single parent situation and this can frustrate the parent who is trying so hard to maintain their authority. There are many other challenges that are faced by single parents all over the world. Some of them feel helpless and hopeless...
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