Single Parenting

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This paper is dedicated to the issue of single parenting as one of the important family dilemmas. A single parent is a parent who lives with one or more children without the assistance of a second parent. Usually the definition of single parenting depends on the local law, but there are other cases as well, for example if a parent is left alone after the divorce, after another parent just leaves the family or the child , or if the second parent is put in jail or is dead. It is not necessary that the single parent is naturally the mother or the father of the child or a parent through artificial insemination they just provide for the child that was left behind by their natural parent(s). The household of a single parent differs from a normal household. All situations are one of a kind, some parents choose the single parenting path deliberately, and some made the decision to bring the child up alone. There are positive and negative moments in the single parenting lifestyle for example, if a person takes care of a child alone, he or she always has got the freedom to choose and make all the decisions on his own. Making decisions can be hard at times, people can often feel the need for some support and advice from other people. Some single parents do not have time to do all the house work related tasks and are not involve with children from early age, educating them in how to do chores. Also as a single parent you can run into many financial issues, and some families run into behavioral problems, such as anger and depression or even in some sever cases abandonment. Some families also run into emotional break downs also. Another issue that you could run into is dealing with the second parent, for example dealing with child support, and worrying about who he is bringing around the child or children, As a single parent you become very cautious about who you bring around your kids. The reason behind that is because you don’t want your kids to get too overly attached to...
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