Single Parenting

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Single Parenting-Advantages and Disadvantages

Samuella A. G. Brewah

SUNY College at Old Westbury

Being a single parent is an overwhelming task, nevertheless it yields greater benefits; with persistence and dedication. A strong bond is developed between the parent and the child/ children. It is a desire and heartbeat of everyone I to have a traditional family; wherein both the mother and father are fully involved in the lives of their children. In this all different roles and various levels of responsibilities are equally proportioned. There are times when as a single parent you encounter difficult moments; when performing tasks which should be handled by both parents especially those pertaining to gender.  This research paper is to find out what it really takes to be a single parent and to justify whether it is better to raise your children singly or with two parents involved. My main goal as a single parent and mother of a 10 year old son is to help me further strengthen my belt for the challenges ahead and how to overcome them. It will help me have a clear understanding of the difference between single parenting versus traditional family and which one is better.

Keywords: Effect, Marriage, Divorced

To be a single parent can be very much stressful especially when you have to balance work, school and the home, supervising homework, projects and the likes and being the make-belief father or mother figure that is missing in the child’s life. As a single mother, It is difficult especially that I am in school full time and working full time with no support of any kind. You really don’t know how to tackle certain issues or even communicate it to the child or conversely.  A single parent can be very strong, attentive to every detail in the child’s life, motivating, and gained unique camaraderie that is fostered by the allegiance of the parent thus empowering the parent to serve as a role model.  Notwithstanding that, I still believe that traditional family is the best to create a balance in the home. There are advantages and disadvantages faced as a single parent, Dr. HaimGinott, psychologist and mentor talked about the positive and negative effect on single parenting as cited by Magar asfollows * “In single parenting it is easy to develop strong relationship with the children because of the amount of time you spend together as family. Decision affecting the child is made alone with no argument between the two parent and when the child becomes successful, it creates a permanent good will in the life of both parties. * Even the non-custodial parents use the limited time they have to spend with the child to highlight the importance and need for togetherness. Single parents, usually seek assistance from their relatives, friends, colleagues or neighbors especially when raising children under age. It is necessary to introduce your children to have a social life and understand people of diverse natures which can contribute to the development of a smooth and an ideal process.” (Magar, )

Single parenting can be categorized differently as they occur, you have couple who separates after cohabitation or a marriage and one of the ex-spouses has physical custody of the children. A woman gives birth to a child and does not live with the child’s father or any other partner, male or female which is referred to as conjugal births. A father or mother is widowed or a single man or woman divorced or adopts a child (Ambert,1982). It is difficult to give an estimate on the number of single parent as it fluctuates. Census Statistics done in 2010 shows that the number of single parent has doubled compared to 1960. An analysis for all 50 statesshows the increase of household with children by 160,000 two parent families shows a decline by 1.2 million. Out of a total number of 15 million children raised without father and only five million without mother....

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