Single Parenting

Topics: Social psychology, Juvenile delinquency, Finance Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Education is a very vital part of being successful in today’s society. Without education, little can be achieved. This is very important when one has a child/children and no partner to help support in any way, most importantly financially.

One recommendation is that single parents who do not have a good education should get one. Investing in classes to acquire an education, skills and training would undoubtedly be profitable. This education would make the individual more qualified to get jobs so they will have a steady income.

Single parents find it hard to support their child/children and still spend time with them. Most samples have children that are juvenile delinquents. These children and their parents should partake in counseling sessions and rehabilitation if needs be. These counseling sessions would be a step towards righting a social problem. Furthermore, they may lessen the financial obligations as these single parents may have been obliged to make compensations because of their child.

In order to achieve rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents a lot of work has to be done. Firstly, sponsors will be needed to finance a free program for juvenile delinquents and their single parents. Secondly, a good leader must be appointed. A good leader who has the ability to effectively control, manage and positively influence these delinquents and their parents.

A leader is nothing without a team. This therefore means that a hardworking team will be needed. This team should include psychiatrists, motivational speakers, maintenance workers, financial advisors for the parents and others. An appropriate meeting place will be needed. One that has tranquility and is clean and comfortable.

Most importantly, a very good persuasive technique will be needed to attract parents and juvenile delinquents to come and take parent in the program.
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