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Single Parenthood

By numafc Jan 03, 2011 1035 Words
Single parenthood
(section A)

1. Summary of”Survey dispels myth of failing single parents”

Britain’s most negatively stereotyped minority is one-parent families. Penny Turner, who is one of them, thinks that she has benefited from belonging to that group. Not having money has made it easier for her to teach her kid the value of things. She has overcome a lot of challenges by being a single mom. Despite the stereotype, a large number of Britain’s, 1.8 million, lone mothers and fathers fell surprisingly, positive about rearing children on their own. Theresa Goodman sees is as better for the child to live without all the conflicts a marriage can bring. Being a single parent has two sides, but the emotional positives far outweigh the negatives. The moms in this text think that their kids are better off without a dad, because of the conflicts a dad brings and because of the fact that there is only one to decide for the children.

2. Outline of the positive and negative sides of single parenthood presented in the three texts

In text 1, we hear about Caroline Webb, who was just 28, when she gave up finding a partner. She got inseminated as a 30-year-old and has a 16-month-old daughter now. Before she got her daughter, she had to justify herself and think all the issues through. She asked herself how hard it would be for the child, and concluded that it’s much harder for the children whose fathers suddenly disappear.

In text 2, we hear about various single mothers and their attitudes to single parenthood. “Penny Turner would never describe bringing up a child alone as easy” (txt 2, p.1, line 1) but she thinks she has benefited from belonging to the minorities of Britain’s one-parent families. She has been able to teach her son the value of things he hasn’t become a spoiled kid, like kids from families with two parents. She thinks that her son is better off with her, because he is brought up in a stable and happy environment. All in all Penny has gained a better self-esteem, has become calmer, and has overcome many challenges. Theresa Goodman thinks that “it’s better for the child to live without conflict; the child often gets more attention; and the active parent can influence very considerably how the child is brought up”. (Txt 2. p1. lines 19-21). The downsides of parenthood are “too little money, too few holidays and the constant struggle to juggle a job with ensuring that a home runs smoothly” (txt 2, p.1, lines 21-23). Stephanie Gear, 28, thinks that “single parenthood has two sides, but the emotional positives far outweigh the negatives. It makes you stronger and more determined person”. (Txt 2, p.2, lines 35-36). She thinks that her kid has benefited from not being brought up with constant tension and conflict. She wants to have the best out of herself, and wants to share time with her daughter. She doesn’t think that her daughter would have been just as advanced as she is, if she had stayed in any of the unhappy relationships she has got. She is proud that she has managed it, and that she is financially self-sufficient.

Dawn Zamanis has a very different view on parenting in text 3. She became a single mother by circumstances, and has got five sons. Single motherhood took some getting used to for her it was overwhelming for her to have five mouths to feed with a juggling freelance work. She didn’t feel she has got any room for failure when it cam to mothering. She says that you will loose yourself for a long period of time, forget about your hobbies, and some days you just don’t see how you’ll get through another day of complete chaos and care giving. She says that you will loose friends, and figure out whose is you true friends. She also points out, that “a baby is not meant to fill your voids.” (Txt 3, p.2, line 44). Your baby won’t compensate for feelings of emptiness, a baby is good company but you can never rely on that baby or child to complete you.

3. Comments on the statement about one-parent families “It’s better for the child to live without conflicts”

I also agree that it is better for the child to live without conflicts. Spare your child as much as you can, because a bad childhood leaves an everlasting scar. But it’s important for a child to have a both mom and a dad, so they can learn a bit of both sites. The value of being a mom, and the value of being a dad. The modern society has gone too far with bringing up new ideas of bringing family together. Is it maybe better for the child to live without conflicts between mom and dad, but think about the conflict you give your child while raising it alone? Not having a father or a mom.

4. Article for the magazine “Modern Women”, Fatherhood may be a thing of the past

You probably already heard that a large number of women in the 21st century are donor inseminated. The reasons could be many, but one of them is of course the men. Some years ago the values of life for a man were most likely to get married, get children, an apartment or house, and a good job. This gives us a traditional, responsible, adult man. That description of a man has changed. Today the values are sometimes the career, living the sweet as a bachelor, spend all you spare time on hobbies/friends with fun, games and parties. The most important thing caring about your appearance. This gives us a free, irresponsible man or should I say adolescent? A problem that have made Fatherhood a thing of the past. Some men today are underachieving adulthood while women are hyperacheiving it. That gives us a really big problem, a problem that increases insemination and gives us alternative families, without a father.

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