Single Parent Families
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Ramisch, J. L., McVicker, M., & Sahin, Z. S. (2009). Helping low-conflict divorced parents establish appropriate boundaries using a variation of the miracle question: An integration of solution-focused therapy and structural family therapy. Journal of Divorce & Remarriage, 50(7th), 481-495. doi:10.1080/10502550902970587

This article discusses the challenges that family members face when encountered with divorce, particularly in relation to the major transformations that occur. The article also focuses on two theoretical perspectives to include solution-focused therapy and structural family therapy. Authors chose to center attention on low-conflict divorce in that its effects are more impactful to members. The article gave a detailed breakdown of both therapy models and also explanation of how both models could be integrated into clinical practice when working with this population. Emphasis is also placed on variations in articulating the miracle question in efforts for therapist to gain better understanding of ways in which they can improve self-confidence and empower parents to work together as co-parents. There is a significant breakdown of structural family therapy, which includes the models historical context as well as the major tenets when working with divorced families. The redefinition of the family that transpires with new roles and boundaries is greatly emphasized in the text, as well as the challenges that occur when making these changes. The article stresses how impactful the parents transition can be on children. More specifically how perplex changes can be when the parents are unable to transition harmoniously. Additionally mother-run single households are briefly discussed in regards to the relationships between the parent and child, which is stated to often includes a peer like relationship and/or reverse roles in which the child acts as the parent. The article was informative as it provided a fair amount of information of structural

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