Single or Married

Topics: Single person, Philosophy of love / Pages: 2 (435 words) / Published: May 12th, 2011
Today, a lot of significant number of people are being married and still being single. This has changed their lives and gives the differences between their lives. In this essay, I’m going to compare and contrast the differences between single people lives and married people lives in their lifestyle, companionship, and responsibility.
Firstly, Lifestyle is the first difference between single and married people lives. Single people will have much more privacy in their life. They will not be bothered by anybody in their homes. Nobody will command them not to sleep late, not to watch movie too much and so on; and single people can live a free life too. They can spend their time with their friends anywhere and anytime they want. In contrast, married people will be bothered by their live partners. They have to take care of their children and their partners. They can’t live a free life. If they want to go out with their friends, they must get permission from their partners. doing what is necessary to listen, honor and really love them. Ask the same from them but do not make this a competition. Let your own commitment and improvement of your listening and relationship behavior give them reason to listen to you. Or to know they really don't care about you. At least you'll know and be able to stop expecting what you'll never get from them. As very sad as that will feel, and I have personal experience with this sad truth, it gives you freedom to see how you wish to go forward with your life with that answer. You may want to stay in a marriage with someone who doesn't care about how they treat you. The significant preference between being single or married is choice and circumstance. Some things in life are going to be good, regardless whether you’re single or married, some things will be the opposite. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. The two areas that differ in married and single life is compromise and sharing of possessions.
The environment of a single

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