Single Mothers and Teenage Pregnancy

Topics: Family, Adolescence, Teenage pregnancy Pages: 6 (1912 words) Published: April 18, 2013
John A. Bruce (1978) stated that:
Adolescents are sometimes perceived as a threat at worst and a challenge at best. They have a high accident rate; they experiment with alcohol, drugs, and sex (or so we imagine); they share a cultural universe to which we are often not privy; they remind us of our own mortality, for they are on the way up, and we are on the way down. (p.77). Among the generation of youth a phenomenon of single-parenting and early pregnancy has long been discussed and carefully examined which others have perceived as a social dilemma that needs further attention. Adolescence as they call the stages of these youth who are socially understood to be in the most difficult phase of their development faces the challenges of coping up with the mechanisms of life’s survival. Going through their day-to-day lives, examines each teenagers capacity to carefully examine their intended achievement in life. A single parent as define is someone who lives with one or more children without the second parent. Usually the definition of single parenting depends upon the local laws, but there are other cases as well, for example if a parent is left alone after the divorce, after another parent just leaves the family or the child, if the second parent is put to the jail or is dead. The household of a single parent differs a lot from a usual household. Certainly all situations are unique, some people choose the path of single parenting consciously, and some are made to bring the child up alone. There are a lot of negative moments about single parenting, there are some positive as well. For example, if a person takes care of a child alone, she has always the freedom to choose and to make all the decisions on her own. On the other hand making decisions can be really hard sometimes and really often people feel the need for somebody’s support and a piece of advice. However, a more

indicative situation has come to reality, single parenthood turns out to be the familial structure of those adolescence who becomes parents at a very early age, teenagers for most cases. These are the widely spreading notion of single mothers and their early pregnancy. Usually these single-mothers are not capable of the enrichment of life stability. They are mostly dependents of their parents who as well could not take care of themselves as much as they are expected to nourish a life of another. Barratt, Roach and Colbert (1991) indicated that “single mothers living apart from their own parents or other adult relative sex inhibited more emotional and verbal responsivity and greater involvement with their infants than did single mothers who were currently living with their adult relatives” (p.451). However this is not the case for most of them, usually single parents do not have enough time to do all the housework and thus involve children from the early age in doing chores. Single parents have to discuss most of house matters that should be actually solved with another parent, with their children like with adults. Before these circumstances most youths were sheltered from birth control but it does not decrease the percentage of teen pregnancy, nevertheless the fact helps initiate unprotected sex. The increase in teen pregnancy is due to, inadequate sexual education available to adolescents, lack of knowledge and resources for birth control, and the environment the individual grew up around. Hotz, McElroy and Sanders (2005) documents that “women begin motherhood as teens come from less advantaged backgrounds, are less likely to be successful in school, and as such, are less likely to end up in situations that require higher education compared with women who postponed motherhood” (p.708). Kirkman, Harrison, Hillier and Pyett (2001) recognized the familial backgrounds of these teenagers as not to be unfamiliar and so thus the idea of peer influence (p.285). Being a single parent is challenging, and a stressful way of life. If you can...

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