Single Feature Models of Decision

Topics: Shirt, Decision making, Dress shirt Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: April 2, 2007
The Single-Feature model discussed in the text best described my “I don’t really care” clothing decision. When deciding on a clothing option on any day where my appearance does not seem to make a difference this is the most simple decision process. When I was choosing an outfit to wear for that day, I picked the most comfortable shirt and pants combination. Based on my personality it would not even have to match because I do not care what others think of me for the most part (“you cannot judge a book by it’s cover”). The Single-Feature model is used when the decision at hand is a minor one, like the day that I don’t care what I wear.

The Elimination by Aspects model discussed in the text best described my “I really do care” clothing decision. On a day when I would like to be respectful to my peers and to others in the area, I would have to decide on a more fitting outfit for that situation. Each clothing option would be evaluated and when it did not meet the criterion it would be removed from the decision process. For example, I work at an Oriental rug store in downtown Buffalo, NY. Each day I interact with customers so I must be presentable in order to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. I do not have to dress up because we do have to handle some dirty rugs on a daily basis but I wear a polo shirt with a collar and jeans. I would not want to wear a shirt that has offensive sayings or disturbing images on it when I am delivering a rug to someone’s house. By looking at the alternatives in my clothing choices I am able to see what is acceptable to wear to work and what is not.

My thinking between both of the different occasions was the same because each day I knew I had to put on clothes, we live in a society that is not fond of public nudity. All of the clothes in my wardrobe, for the most part, I like because I would not have them if I did not like them. When I attend a funeral I would wear a suit and tie, and I have a very nice...
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