Single African American Households

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2012 Sping Midterm Practice Questions
(During the review session, I was confused on the question 18. The answer is mother and daughters. Sorry for the confusion.)

1.| The fact that sexual identities have only recently emerged as a concept suggests that:| A)| this is a phenomenon not worthy of study.|
B)| they are socially constructed.|
C)| we need to base everything on biology.|
D)| this is a new phenomenon.|

2.| In sociological terms, gender is considered a __________ creation, while sex is considered a _________ creation.| A)| social/psychological| C)| biological/social|
B)| psychological/biological| D)| social/biological|

3.| Conflict theorists in sociology would have a favorable view of the dynamics and structure of the 1950s family.| | A) True|
| B) False|

4.| African American families maintained weaker kinship links than other groups.| | A) True|
| B) False|

5.| The real responsibility of the True Woman as described by historian Barbara Welter was| A)| to share equally with men the struggle to survive.| B)| to help her husband economically.|

C)| to bear children to increase the population.|
D)| to save men from immoral behavior and take over much of the day-to-day home tasks for men.|

6.| Family households in the United States most likely to be headed by a married couple are from the __________ racial-ethnic group.| | A) Asian-American B) Hispanic C) African-American D) non-Hispanic white|

7.| Living together without marrying would be more common among the poor of a society primarily because| A)| there is less social stigma.|
B)| it matters less who is morally or legally bound to whom.| C)| of loose morals.|
D)| of different values.|

8.| Feminist research methodologists stress an orientation toward research centered on __________ over the more traditional orientation they describe as __________.| A)| social change; “seperated knowing”| C)| objectivity; “reflexivity”| B)| social change; “post-modernism”| D)| objectivity; “separated knowing”|

9.| Over the past few decades, nearly all Western nations have undergone similar changes with respect to family life including:| A)| increasing dominance of extended families.|
B)| stronger emphasis on family culture.|
C)| increases in cohabitation, childbearing outside of marriage, and divorce.| D)| fewer mothers working outside the home.|

10.| The number of middle-class black families in the United States has been increasing, but one critical aspect that distinguishes them from middle-class white families is their| A)| assets such as savings, investments, and homes.|

B)| salaries.|
C)| family support.|
D)| education.|

11.| If you were concerned with the way families discipline their children, handle their disagreements, or share their affection, you would be focusing on the| A)| sexually based primary relationship.| C)| private family.| B)| external family.| D)| public family.|


A. Cubans
B. assimilation
C. immigrant enclave
D. Mexican American

12.| large, dense, single-ethnic group that is relatively self-sufficient C|

13.| currently the largest Hispanic group in the United States D|

14.| first waves of these immigrants were the result of a political migration A|

15.| The problems of the current U.S. job market affect people with college educations as much as those without college educations.| | A) True|
| B) False|

16.| The central mechanism of the socialization approach to explaining male/female differences is __________ while that of the psychoanalytic approach is __________.| A)| unconscious; conscious| C)| learning; internalization| B)| activity; memorization| D)| internalization; learning|

17.| In the United States there appears to have been a broad cultural shift in the values Americans hold...
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