Topics: Coca-Cola, Internal combustion engine, Hybrid vehicle Pages: 3 (899 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Today coca cola is the world’s largest beverage company having it’s consumers in more than 200 countries. Coca cola’s supply group involves in more than 400 regular shipments and deals in millions of cases in addition to more than 1000 points of delivery, 4000 finished goods, and 5000 ingredients and packaging material worldwide. Around the world coca cola didn’t have a standard process for managing transportation. Which is needed to understand it’s freight cost and to make decisions that would support its vision 2020 business strategy goals, including reducing inventory and increasing sales volume. Coca cola uses interstate highway system to transport products across America. They use Coca Cola Trucks to make deliveries. Coca cola also used Hartsfield Jackson international Airport to transport goods to other countries in the world. Deep water ports were also used to ship cargo filled with coca cola products to other countries but they were not as fast as flying the products still was productive. Coca cola began to explore hybrid technology began in 2001. This was for the first time when a beverage company adopt green transport technology. In 2003 Hybrid Thought Leadership Forum, hosted by Eaton, helped coca cola to explore its options and relationship between these two solidifies with time. After the initial purchase coca cola expanded its fleet to 634 hybrid vehicles in North America and continues to grow annually. This hybrid technology helps in increasing fuel economy and lower maintenance costs, which help coca cola to use its resources. Furthermore, by decreasing emissions coca cola becomes more ecofriendly industry by improving air quality in often congested areas. In 2007, Coca-Cola received its first installment of trucks in North America Eaton’s hybrid electric system. Difference in traditional and hybrid version was less fuel consumption, reductions in CO2 emissions and outstanding service motivated coca cola to establish the largest...
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