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Singapore Airlines was founded in the year 1947 as the Malayan Airways Limited (MAL) during the British invasion at the Tanah Melayu. After the events Independence in 1957, the Malayan Airways Limited has changed its name to Malayan Singapore Airlines (MSA). However, the company name should be changed again as a result of the separation of Singapore from Malaysia in 1965. This company was separated in two different entities which are the Malaysian Airlines (MAS) and the Singapore Airlines (SIA). As defining the image of the company, sarong kebaya worn by the flight attendants or crews that can be seen until now have been designed by French Couturier Pierre Balmain.

Question 1: Describe what is so special about SIA’a five elements of its successful HR practices? Singapore Airlines (SIA) has been most awarded airline in the world for many years. There are several key element of success that has been practiced by SIA. Singapore Airline has successfully deliver service excellence in a cost-effective way as their cost is much more below all other aviation service provider. In fact, the SIA’s price can be comparable to those of budget airlines. However, the key challenge that the SIA faced in implementing business level strategies, is the effective alignment of functional alignment of functional strategies such as HR, marketing, or operation with the business level strategy.

Question 2: Evaluate the effectiveness of each element’s contribution towards SIA’s leadership in service excellence and cost effectiveness. The five elements of the SIA’s successful HR practices are: 1. Stringent selection and recruitment processes

2. Extensive investment in training and retraining
3. Successful service delivery teams
4. Empowerment of frontline staff to control quality
5. Motivating staff through rewards and recognition
Each of the elements has its own specialty and uniqueness.
1. Stringent selection and recruitment processes.
Singapore Airlines open up their recruitment for new crews annually at different countries, such as, Indonesia and Singapore itself. Each year, they received 18,000 applications from various countries as it is one of the best airline company in term of high-quality service. Besides, SIA also won the World’s Best Airlines award and other international award as well. Therefore, SIA has been a bone of contention among the school leavers and graduates as a desirable company to work for. However, among the 18,000 applications received, only around 600-900 new cabin crews are hired by the company. As a well known aviation company, SIA adopts a stringent selection and recruitment processes. Among the procedures are: a) Interview

There are several interviews needed by an applicant to face before joining the company. The first one is the group interviews which require the applicants to read English passage. This is the step to assess language competency among the applicants. The next one is the one-on-one interview which aiming to evaluate whether the applicants possesses SIA’s required core values and competency as well as the psychometric test. b) Uniform test

We hardly heard the uniform test as what the SIA did. This test is to assess the look of the applicants in SIA’s sarong kebaya, the identity of the company. The evaluation is including the posture, gait and general appearance of the applicants in the uniform. c) Water confidence test

One of the tests that all the applicants need to go through is the water confidence test. They will wear a life jacket and jump from three metres high into a pool which located at SIA’s training centre. This test is to test the applicant’s confidence with water in case there is emergency case which requires them to aid passengers for an emergency evacuation on water. SIA cannot select crew which afraid of height or water or, their company reputation will be in problem if something bad happened to the plane. d) Final stage

Another unique test that the SIA...
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