Singapore Airshow

Topics: Aircraft, Airbus A320 family, Singapore Pages: 4 (1634 words) Published: March 16, 2014
Thoughts and Impressions

It's our pleasure using the trade pass to visit the Singapore airshow 2014. This event is the Asia's biggest for aviation’s finest, different international organizations have joined this event such as famous aircraft manufacturers --- Airbus and Boeing. We enjoyed the aerobatic flying display on the third day of the trip which is the opening of the airshow. Many fighter aircraft such as F16, black eagles flew in high speed, some of them even flew faster than sound. We were so proud of those fighter pilots since the training of those fighter pilots is very harsh. They need to rotate 180/360 degree to fly which make pilots feel dizzy and feel the force of gravity. It is not an easy task for everyone. On the other hand, we visited the static aircraft display. There were a lot of different types of aircraft not just the aircraft used for transport purpose but also the helicopter, fighter aircraft, tank. We boarded the F16 fighter aircraft and A350. It was so amazing to emplane A350 before it launch to the public. The staff of the Airbus Company explained a lot of information about the A350 and they let us know more about this aircraft which has widened our horizons. Although the sunshine was very strong in the display area and everyone got sunburn, it is worthwhile to visit the airshow.

The last day of the trip we could participate in the airshow. We felt excited and ruefulness that we can visit Gulfstream’s stand, with 5 operating business jet models, because this was the first time we really get into a real business jet and may be it is the last time that we could sit on the luxurious sofa We were separated into 2 groups to look around the business jets in the stands, based on the request of the crew of each aircraft. We felt deeply impressed by the crew on board, their speeches can be easily understood and they answered our questions accurately. However our group thought it would be a great and fruitful ending for the trip if...
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