Singapore Airlines

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Marketing Plan for Case 10:
Singapore Airlines: Customer Service Innovation (A)

I.Executive Summary

This marketing plan has been created for the purpose of promoting Singapore Airlines (SIA) services in order to increase market, profits and brand image to the entire global community. SIA has been providing airline service for the past few decades to currently 64 cities in 35 countries on 5 different continents.

Currently SIA is ranked number one in the world in international airline travel service. In the past decade revenues have doubled for SIA. In the early 70s, Singapore was considered a developing country and it used the breaks and benefits of low costs for equipment and employment to make profits for the company to allow them to expand their services and improve and update their services while other major airlines were not able to do so.

By utilizing this proposed marketing plan, SIA can further penetrate the global market, expand its services to more areas across the globe, by utilizing there core competencies, SIA can achieve their goals with the following objectives:

Goal #1: Continue current marketing practices
Objective #1: continue great customer service
Objective #2: continue Singapore Girl brand image Objective #3: having the best fleet in the world

Goal #2: Expand SIA to North and South America
Objective #1: research the Americas for suitable locations for SIA
Objective #2: start training personnel for those locations chosen, and construct areas for SIA check in areas
Objective #3: start flying to new locations to develop flight schedules

By achieving the first goal, SIA will continue to be the number one ranking, having committed employees, and continued having a strong brand image, and a good young fleet being provided for the employees and customers who fly with SIA. By achieving the second goal, SIA will establish a dominate strangle hold on the global community for passenger flights. SIA must remember where they came from, the principles the company was established and founded on. As long as SIA continues to do what they have been doing for the past 30 years, and continues to expand there services around the world, SIA will be a strong profitable, ethical, moral company for the international airline passenger service industry.

II.Situation Analysis

A.The Internal Environment

Review of marketing goals and objectives
a. What are our current marketing goals and objectives?
The current marketing goals and objectives of Singapore Airlines (SIA) is to continue to provide excellent service to our current customers and to continually gain and retain our past customers to encourage them to fly with SIA over and over again. We want to be the first airline people think about when they want to fly to a certain destination. We want to continue the brand image of the “Singapore Girl” and know what our customers needs and wants so we can provide them with their needs and wants while they fly SIA. b. Are our marketing goals and objectives consistent with the corporate or business-unit mission, goals, and objectives? Are they consistent with recent changes in the customer or external environments? Why or why not? These goals and objectives are consistent with the firm’s mission. The firm’s mission is to provide excellent customer service and quality in air travel service. The goals are also consistent with recent changes in the external environment. The external environment demand the highest safety, environmental friendly and affordability while traveling via air; SIA provides a high level of safety, environmentally friendly fleet and excellent customer service to try to provide care and concern for all individuals flying SIA.

Review of current marketing strategy and performance c. How does our current marketing strategies performing with respect to...

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