Singapore Airlines

Topics: Flight attendant, Singapore Airlines, Airline Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Singapore – one of the fastest growing economy and Asia’s commercial capital is the host to a wide array of brands. These brands belong to many different industries; It is a home to brands which have originated in other countries as well as brands which have been born in this country itself. One particular brand that has really caught my interest belongs to the aviation industry. This company has been known for is amazing hospitality, courteous crew and one of the best inflight services. This company is none other than Singapore airlines. The company was founded on 1st may 1947 and was known as Malayan Airways Limited which in 1972 split into Singapore airlines and Malaysian airline system. After this Singapore airlines went on to expand with newer aircrafts and airbuses. It went on to become worlds most awarded airline. With flights over 62 destinations in 35 countries over 6 continents. 0The airline is known for its excellent customer service, inflight service and efficiency. They were the first to bring in inflight entertainment on airplanes as well provide amenities like headphones, choice of meals and free drinks in economy class. They were also the first to introduce satellite phones on planes. They are the pioneers as well the only few companies who have involved a panel of renowned chefs to create their menu. The branding undertaken by this company primarily revolve around their flight crew in contrast to most other airlines. In particular, the promotion of its female flight attendants known as Singapore Girls has been widely successful and is a common feature in most of the airline's advertisements and publications. This branding strategy aims to build a mythical aura around the Singapore Girl, and portray her as representative of Asian hospitality and grace and the airline's training program for both cabin and technical flight crew complement this objective. Singapore airlines have tried to mingle global ideas with an Asian touch giving the customers...
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