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TOU3401 Introduction to
the Aviation Industry




Airport SWOT


Airlines SWOT


Airline Products And Operations


Impact On Tourism And Economy


Suggestion And Recommendations










History of Changi Airport
In 1981, terminal one of construction was completed and Singapore airport was opened. Before build a terminal sustainable development is one of the important factors. And the terminal 2 was opened at 1990. Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore anticipate two terminal cannot afford lot of passenger, so they build a budget terminal and terminal 3, which opened in 2006 and 2008.

Geographical location
Changi Airport is a major aviation hub in Southeast Asia. A site was chosen at the far eastern side of the island, the planes would be able to fly cover the adjacent sea, rather than the city.

Asia Center (Real World Wide Web)
Changi Airport is the main airport in


Singapore, it located in the center of Asia, nearby Australia, Europe and Middle East. And the Aviation Alliance and Code Share Flight make Changi Airport become more important, therefore Changi Airport had become a transfer station.

In traditional way, form Sydney to London, Qantas’s flight requires to land in Singapore do the refuel procedural.

With the Aviation Alliance, Qantas Airlines can provide the flight from Sydney to Singapore, passengers can continue their trip from Singapore to London by British Airways. Hence, Singapore obtains 9 times “Long Haul Airport of the year”.

Perfect Airside Layout
Changi Airport had 3 runways,
02L / 20R, 02C/20C for public use.
They all had ILS system to deal
with the bad weather. 02R / 20L
for military use; it will extend to
4km and turn to public use in
future. And the 4 runways are


Perfect Airside Layout
Terminals 1, 2 and 3 are connected via a monorail people mover system or people can have a freely move without going through immigration. And we can see, Changi Airport have a Directive Design
Furthermore, Terminal 4 and 5 will open in 2017 and 2023.In that time, it can handle 130 million passengers.

Well Management Systems

In order to enhance the service of Changi airport, they have an instant feedback system, which passenger and airport user can rate their service experience instantly to service department. Well Passenger Services

Changi Airport also well-known with the entertainment, hundreds of catering and retail outlets, 6 different theme indoor park, unique recreation facility such as swimming, spa and gym room lead Changi Airport obtain a number of service awards such as World Airport Awards, World Travel Awards and DFNI Asia / Pacific Awards for Travel …etc.

Land Resources Limited The main
weakness of Changi Airport is land
resources limited. If the airport do the
expansion, it will impact to the waterway,
make narrow of the watercourse. Also the


environment and landforms are the consideration.
Weather Factor
Singapore are nearby the equator. Rain fall, thunderstorm action are being common. In air, it will endanger aircraft safety and decrease frequency of aircraft take-off and landing. In ground, thunderstorm will cause the red flash, the baggage handling operation will stop. Finally, the flight will be delay.

High Maintenance Cost & High Risk


Chingi Airport have own a variety of landside and airside facilities, and the maintenance cost are raise at the same time. As you can see, the maintenance cost occupy a big percentage in 2013. Moreover,...

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