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Island Country in South-East Asia
Highly urbanized
One of major commercial hub Fourth biggest financial centre
One of five biggest port

Type of Government

Singapore is a sovereign republic, with a legal system based on the English common law.

The Constitution lays down the fundamental principles and basic framework for the three organs of state, namely, the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary.

The Executive comprises the Cabinet, which is responsible for the general direction of the Government and accountable to Parliament

The Legislature comprises the Parliament and is the legislative authority responsible for enacting legislation. More information on the history of Parliament, Parliament House and activities of the House can be obtained from its website.

The Judiciary's function is to independently administer justice. The Judiciary is safeguarded by the Constitution..

The Prime Minister of Singapore is appointed by the President of Singapore under Article 25 of the Constitution. The President, acting on the advice of the Prime Minister, also appoints other Ministers from among the Members of Parliament.

The Prime Minister is the effective head of the executive branch of government. He chairs theCabinet, which is the central decision-making body of the executive government. It is an organ of state and central to Singapore's system of government. Click for more information on the Cabinet appointments.

President: Tony Tan Keng Yam
Prime Minister: Lee Hsien Loong



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