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One of the tropical fruit in the Philippines is mango. It is known as the National Fruit of the Philippines and the most majestic among Philippine fruits. Philippine Mango is one of the best mangoes in the world because nothing can be sweeter than this. That’s why, Philippines is one of the major exporters of mangoes in different countries around the world. Philippine Mango marks the world because of its unique sweetness, fruity aroma and buttery flesh. The sweetness of it is incomparable to any other, and the sour taste of the green mango is something to crave for. The most famous types of Philippine mango are the Carabao, Pico and Indian which are available all year round in the country. Mango is versatile in all stages of fruit development and suitable for processing. Thus, the group proposed product is Mango Jam. The sweetness and smoothness of mango blend in the said product and also have the flavor of natural Philippine mango. Mango Jam is sweet and delicious which it can be eaten with bread at breakfast, snack or as a dessert. This product will be exported in Singapore. Singapore is not only known as the world’s most prosperous country. Singapore is known because of its culture and also with their different varieties of food because of the influence of different nationalities in the country. Even though they are known with that, Singapore is still importing mango. The product will be introduced and launched in one of the companies in the Philippines that exports mango in Singapore. The said company is Hi-Las Marketing Corporation. The group and the company will make some agreement about the product on how this product will be helpful to capture the taste of Singaporeans as a new sort of filling. The group, as one of the expectant exporter, needs to contract with Hi-Las Marketing Corporation not only to become known worldwide but also to project transitions in the varying tastes of the people. Accordingly, the group has chosen Singapore as the primary place to do trading because the country is also belonged in the Southeast Asian Regions. And it is easier to trade with this country because the Philippines and Singapore already has a bilateral relationship with one another. This relationship of the Philippines and the Singapore is started during the Aquino’s regime and has been being pursued by the incumbent President Fidel Ramos during the launch of the Philippine Singapore Business Council on the year 1994. Hi-Las Marketing Corporation is a pioneer in the Philippine Fruit and Vegetable industry. It supplies highest quality, consistently safe, nutritious fresh and processed fruits and vegetable products. The said company is a proud member of PHILEXPORT, PHILFOODEX Inc., and Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The mango products of this company are fresh mangoes, dried mango, mango halves and mango puree. Aside with their mango product, the company also has other products such as dried pineapple, dried papaya, calamansi and dalandan puree and fresh okra. With the aforementioned products of the said firm, the Hi-Las Marketing Corporation has no jam, especially mango jam. That’s why, the group chose this company so they will be the one who will introduce that kind of product to them.


A. Brief Historical Background Country
The history of Singapore dates to the 11th century. The island rose in importance during the 14th century under the rule of Srivijayan prince Parameswara and became a port until it was destroyed by Acehnese raiders in 1613. The modern history of Singapore began in 1819 when Englishman Sir Stamford Raffles established a British port on the island. Under British colonial rule, it grew in importance as a centre for both the India-China trade and the entrepôt trade in Southeast Asia, rapidly becoming a major port city. During World War II, Singapore was conquered and occupied by the Japanese Empire from 1942...
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