Singapore’s Political, Economic, and Social

Topics: Economic development, United States, Sociology, Southeast Asia, Unemployment, Malaysia / Pages: 2 (420 words) / Published: May 29th, 2011
Thomas Sandlin
ANT 103
Prof. Jodi Stoneman
May 30, 2011


I will be conducting my research paper Singapore Political, Economic, and Social
Organization. The method that I will use to gather my information will be ethnology.
Ethnology is Comparative study of cultures with the aim of presenting analytical generalizations within the context of that society. Singapore is a postindustrial society that has a parliamentary republic with a Westminster system of unicameral parliamentary government representing

Singapore officially gaining sovereignty in 1965, its politics has been dominated by the
People’s Action Party (PAP). Singapore, under the leadership of the PAP, possesses a distinct political culture: authoritarian, pragmatic, rational and legalistic. PAP leadership consisted of
English lawyers and Chinese pro-communist trade union leaders. Unlike the western country
(United States) that is run by politicians, Singapore is not run by politicians, but by a social system that where power is gained through skills, performances, and loyalty to the nation and not by politician’s policies. Singapore as has supremacy of government-controlled companies not like their western country counterparts.

The reason why PAP stayed in power is due to popular support won by economic growth.
Singapore raised public awareness, and stimulates public interest and debate, in economic issues is a factor of economic growth. Economic performance of Singapore depends on its mode of economic organization, natural resources, climate, and history. Singapore witnessed the unexpected economic development of vast potential for tin, rubber, oil palm, and tobacco, for
Singapore is one of the largest ports in the world. Singapore is a postindustrial society where the government has invested billions in infrastructure and aims to recruit the best researchers in all modern fields of technological endeavor

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