Since the 1700’s Political, Economic and Intellectual Changes Have Radically Altered the History of the World

Topics: World War II, Nazism, World War I, Fascism, Soviet Union, Adolf Hitler / Pages: 4 (963 words) / Published: Sep 22nd, 2011
Zara Khan
Midterm Essay
Since the 1700’s political, economic and intellectual changes have radically altered the history of the world. They have had a major impact on the production and distribution of goods, the scale of warfare, and the rise and fall of the totalitarian dictators. The production and distribution of goods affected people’s lives completely. New innovations and new inventions spurred the industrial growth. The scale of warfare was resulted from Militarism, the Alliances, Imperialism, and Nationalism; also from the new technology and weapons. The rise of totalitarian dictators was one of the major changes that altered the history of the world. Each of the impacts has affected the history of the world significantly. The production and distribution of goods had essential fundamentals for economic success. During the 1700s, changes in technology began based in the use of power-driven machinery. This era was called the Industrial Revolution and it began in Great Britain. The first steam engine and the first locomotive were invented during this time; along with the Spinning Jenny, the cotton gin, and the process of producing steel from coal. The factors of production were land, labor, and capital. Each factor is important and it plays an immense role in the production of goods. The domestic or cottage system (workers worked in their homes) soon changed to the factory system (workers worked in factories). The textile and agricultural industry benefited greatly during this time because of mass production and the steam engine. In the 1700s, economically, the production and distribution of goods had a huge impact on the history of the world. The scale of warfare changed greatly since the 1700s. One of the main wars fought was World War I; it was caused by Militarism, the Alliances, Imperialism, and extreme Nationalism. Each of those things were factors adding up which finally resulted in the first biggest war of the world, World

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