Sin, Forgiveness and Redemption

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Sin, Forgiveness and Redemption through Counseling
4-MAT #2 Mark McMinn
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Course Section: Spring COUN 506_2011
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Instructor’s Name: Dr. Donald Deel
Date of Submission: May 8, 2011

Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling is a book by Dr. Mark McMinn who is a clinical psychologist and professor of Psychology at Wheaton College Graduate School. Dr. McMinn bridges a true understanding of how to integrate psychology and Christianity in the counseling office without losing the effectiveness of therapeutic techniques. He enforces the importance of building relationships from the inside out through healing of past hurts, forgiving self and others while emphasizing that forgiveness takes time, and redemption is a powerful anecdote to the ails of human brokenness. According to Dr. McMinn there are three roles that counselors play at the same time: participants in the interpersonal interactions that occur in the counseling office, counselors are observers and, counselors are engineers of the counseling relationship. It is evident that so much rides on the competence of the counselor particularly the counselor’s educational and experiential background which holds the framework of that counselor’s effectiveness in the office. McMinn acknowledges throughout the book that it is not only important and beneficial for counselors to know their client, in so much as it is important for the counselor to also know themselves, their goals and theoretical map to navigate through counseling sessions. McMinn states that there are two distinctions of Christian counselors, identifying oneself as a Christian counselor while maintaining a redemptive worldview in counseling. He acknowledges that this poses a conflict within the mental health field, because counselors are supposed to be sensitive to all religions whether they agree with the beliefs and practices or not, thus reducing the ability for a counselor to explicitly discuss and embrace their own personal and religious values. However, for those counselors that step out of the box it is liberating for them and their clients and continues to propel them to a formation of healed community, intimate relationship and redemption. Moreover, because counseling is a deeply personal experience and draws many clients from various walks of life, McMinn highlight discussions and real life examples about sin both personal and interpersonal that aims to create the understanding within the counseling office that some things are because of human nature and others are because of poor choices and decisions. Nevertheless, McMinn employs various practical examples that force the notion that examining sin, utilizing confessional processes and implementing scripture is spiritually and psychologically healing to the client and at times to the counselor as well, and are “vehicles to put the client…in the way of God” (McMinn, 1996). The biggest value that McMinn draws on is that counselors that fully embrace their own Christian spiritual experience will be able to more effectively demonstrate humility, empathy, forgiveness and redemption in the counseling office consistently. Concrete Response

At 14 years old I gave birth to a healthy and loud baby boy, who was the product of molestation. Although this was supposed to be a joyous occasion I was confused as to what my life was going to be like now that I actually get to see what was growing inside of me and angry because of all the pain I had just endured from the delivery and from the months of shame and ridicule previous to this moment. In the weeks, days and hours leading up to this very moment I asked God sincerely should I forgive my relatives for doing this to me? I did not...

References: McMinn, M.R. (1996). Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling. Forest:
Tyndale House Publishers.
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