Simultaneous Equations

Topics: Programming language, C, Imperative programming Pages: 8 (1499 words) Published: June 13, 2013
|PART 1 – to be completed by student | |Student Name |Alexandru Cristina | | |Student ID number |LON29101205 | | |Assignment title | | | | |Simultaneous Equation | | |Programme (e.g.: APDMS) |HND CSD | | |Unit title (e.g.: Strategic | | | |Marketing Management |Procedural Programming | | |Unit tutor (Lecturer) | | | | |Mohammad Javaheri | | |Number of Words |2658 | | |Date assignment due | | | | |15/02/2013 | | |Submission Date |15/02/2013 | |

|First submission |* |Resubmission (as per lecturer’s |( | | | |Instruction) | |

No cheating, dishonesty or plagiarism will be accepted from any learner who enrols for a qualification/course. All sources must be properly referenced using the Harvard Referencing System. Failure to properly reference any source constitutes plagiarism whereby the learner will be subject to disciplinary action, and will likely refer (fail) a unit.

All assignments must be submitted in electronic format through This allows the school to check for plagiarism.

|PART 2 –student declaration |

By submitting this work to LSBM, I confirm that I have read and understood the Dishonesty and Plagiarism Policy that is applicable to all assessments and assignments submitted by me.

I also confirm further that the work submitted here is my own work, save for where indicated by proper referencing. Should I not abide by the policy and be found guilty of plagiarism by my course lecturer or any other LSBM or appointed staff member I shall be bound by the decision of that lecturer and/or staff member as well as the terms of the Dishonesty and Plagiarism Policy.

Please save your document in the following format before you submit to Turnitin: Name Surname- Course- Unit- Assignment- date.doc

Rubin Gurung- APDMS- LOYO-Assignment- 3 Dec 09.doc

This page must be page 1 of your assignment. Start your work on page 2....
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