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Simulation Paper

For SCI/362
January 4, 2013


Proper management of environmental resources is a concern faced by everyone living on the planet. Technological and industrial advances have continued to put the fragile environment at risk. Most industry sectors continue to increase the organization’s environmental exposure. Organizations and individuals have an ethical responsibility to ensure proper management of surrounding natural resources for both the present and future generations. In this paper, I will compare the relationship between the simulation and environmental justice including identifying key stakeholders and describe the philosophy and priorities of these stakeholders.

The main focus of the environmental justice issue in this simulation is regarding the Prunus Africana, a tree that grows in the Aberdares Mountains in the eastern highlands of Kenya. The Prunus Africana grows up to 30 meters tall after a 20-year growth cycle. The Prunus Africana is the only African variety of more than 200 species and is the only plant useful for manufacture of drugs for prostate issues. Colney & Pitts, a California-based pharmaceutical company, would like to set up a manufacturing plant near the Aberdares mountain ranges to produce medicines for prostate diseases. Other profitable opportunities exist from the tree’s timber, considered an excellent hardy wood for lumber manufacturing and building. Already occupying these mountain ranges is the Kikuyu tribe. Prior research has uncovered the use of the Prunus Africana by these tribe members to cure “old man’s disease,” otherwise known as prostatitis and genitourinary disorders. Colney & Pitts’ primary market is the manufacturing of natural remedies, thus leading to the desire to set up a manufacturing site within this environmental enclave (University of Phoenix, 2012).

When considering the environmental justice issue presented in the simulation, one must consider and identify the...

References: University of Phoenix (2012). Managing Environmental Issues Simulation.
Retrieved February 2, 2013 from University of Phoenix, Resource, Simulation,
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